Shelby's Secret & A Guide to Using Shelby's Secret

“We received the books and they have already been put to use! Shelby’s Secret has helped several of my kids disclose both physical and sexual abuse. The guide that accompanies the book is particularly useful for interns.”
– Carron Montgomery, M.S., PLPC, Therapist

"The book and the guide are very well-written. This book could be easily used by any professional who has contact with children. As an early childhood specialist, I work with children everyday, but the issue of child abuse has always made me uncomfortable. Shelby’s Secret  would allow me to start a natural dialogue with a child where abuse is suspected. Every classroom, counselor, hospital, police station and daycare should have copies of Shelby’s Secret. This invaluable resource can help children learn to open up to trusted adults to seek help."
- Rebecca Hardy, M.S., CCC/SLP, Early Childhood Speech Language Pathologist

“Two thumbs up for Shelby's Secret - it brings up an important issue in a non-threatening way!”
– Jeanine Alpert, LCSW, Executive Director, Children's Shelter

"I like that it's short. So many of the books I order are so wordy, totally not appropriate for primary students."
- Lindsey Dennis, Elementary School Counselor

"This book addresses abuse in a way that allows for children to feel comfortable."
– Jen Todd, LPCI, Elementary School Counselor

"Shelby's Secret   is an incredibly written book that addresses abuse in a unique manner."
– Libby Dorn, LCSW, Director of Programs, Children's Counseling Center

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