Children die nearly every day from abuse or neglect. Many children are afraid to say anything to anyone so the abuse continues. Sometimes for years. Many of those children grow into teenagers further damaged by violence, drugs, alcohol ... the list could go on. As adults, they may become child abusers themselves.

Shelby's Secret is a children's book designed to help break the silence of child abuse. Shelby, a young lamb, is abused by both of her parents. They tell her to keep quiet about what happens at home! But soon the little lamb learns that there are adults she can trust to share her most horrible secret.

The set of 2 books - Shelby's Secret & A Guide to Using Shelby's Secret - creates a safe and comfortable atmosphere through an easy-to-read format. The accompanying guide contains questions that also allows for a natural conversation about a very difficult topic. Shelby's Secret can also make the most uneased adult feel comfortable on the subject of child abuse.

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